Puren® is established to deliver to replace chemical ingredients with high-end bio-based solutions to create a better, cleaner, and greener future for humans.

Knowing the fact that most of the chemicals harm the planet and human health, Puren® researches, develops, and produces natural origin alternatives (substitutes) for synthetic/chemical ingredients used in food and feed, wellness, nutrition, personal care, and cosmetics, textiles, other manufacturing sectors.

In that regard, we are inspired by the nature to solve the most-pressing consumption needs of society. Within a circular economy perspective, we are committed to ensuring the safety, well-being, and prosperity of society.

Intending to unleash the innovation potential of the bio-based economy while minimizing adverse socioeconomic and environmental impacts, Puren® put forwards actions to address changing and growing consumption needs of the society in various fields with the increased use of sustainable natural resources without compromising taste, durability, functionality, and quality.

Meanwhile, shifting towards a bio-economy creates new business opportunities in the agricultural and industrial sectors for a healthy and wealthy future. We’re so convinced of the value of the European Green Deal and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to transform the region and the World for a better future for humankind.

Without any further need to twist our vision/mission statement, we are in full alignment with highlighted goals in those supra-national visions.

We research, develop and produce 100% alternatives of natural origin to synthetic ingredients

We target innovation by developing tailor-made solutions to replace synthetic chemicals for a green future


We inspired by the nature to solve the most-pressing consumption needs of the society

We respect our nature by providing sustainable solutions to many different sectors