Nature is generous and rich. 

The Earth treats people generously and now it is time to protect our Earth and nature. 

Therefore, Puren® aims to develop a resilient and more sustainable economy by replacing chemical ingredients with bio-based substitutes.


Our vision is to offer natural and organic ingredients with proven health and environmental benefits, making it easier for consumers to choose among alternatives.

To build competitive bio-based industries, we offer a wide range of bio-based alternatives, as well as the promotion of organic and low input feed/farm concepts and systems for a more sustainable food value-chain.

We also endeavor to increase consumer trust and confidence in bio/eco/organic substitutes.

We research, develop and produce 100% alternatives of natural origin to synthetic ingredients

We target innovation by developing tailor-made solutions to replace synthetic chemicals for a green future


We inspired by the nature to solve the most-pressing consumption needs of the society

We respect our nature by providing sustainable solutions to many different sectors