Plant based oils are essential and carrier oils obtained from different parts of plants including seed, stem, bark, leaf, flower, seed with various methods mainly distillation and cold press.

In the recent years, people interest turned into natural products. Therefore interesting on these oils are increased day by day due to their positive effects on health.

Besides human usage as food supplement, cosmetic and medicine sectors, the diversity of usage of these oils has increased covering  animal feed and health, plant production.

The variety of plant oils has expanded in the past few decades. Puren® specializes in delivering the highest quality essential and carrier oils for more than 100 varieties as pure and natural.

We research, develop and produce 100% alternatives of natural origin to synthetic ingredients

We target innovation by developing tailor-made solutions to replace synthetic chemicals for a green future


We inspired by the nature to solve the most-pressing consumption needs of the society

We respect our nature by providing sustainable solutions to many different sectors