circular economy is an economic system aimed at eliminating waste and the continual use of resources. 

Circular systems employ reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling to create a closed-loop system, minimizing the use of resource inputs and the creation of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.

The circular economy aims to keep products, equipment, and infrastructure in use for longer, thus improving the productivity of these resources. 

All “waste” should become “food” for another process: either a by-product or recovered resource for another industrial process or as regenerative resources for nature (e.g., compost).

This regenerative approach is in contrast to the traditional linear economy, which has a “take, make dispose of” model of production.

As Puren®, we support a circular economy by replacing scarce and polluting resources with safe and renewable ones.

Increasingly we strive to manufacture our products using bio-based alternatives to traditional fossil-based resources, along with non-toxic materials and recycled content.

We research, develop and produce 100% alternatives of natural origin to synthetic ingredients

We target innovation by developing tailor-made solutions to replace synthetic chemicals for a green future


We inspired by the nature to solve the most-pressing consumption needs of the society

We respect our nature by providing sustainable solutions to many different sectors